Brian Desmond Hurst by Angus McBean

Angus McBean Photograph, Copyright © Harvard Theatre Collection

Welcome to the official Brian Desmond Hurst legacy website detaining his prolific film career. Northern Ireland’s greatest film director, Ireland's most prolific movie director of the 20th Century and possibly the foremost film director on the genre of conflict to come out of the British Isles. Most recognised for his internationally acclaimed and iconic Christmas classic Scrooge/ A Christmas Carol (1951).

Hailing from East Belfast, Brian was a linen worker, a soldier at Gallipoli, an artist and he went on to learn the craft of movie making in Hollywood from his lifelong friend, John Ford.

One of his greatest films and his personal favorite was Theirs is the Glory where he took 120 veterans back to Arnhem to retell their story. There were no actors, no film sets and no stunt men and the film went on to be the biggest grossing war film in the UK for a decade. Rarely shown today but available on DVD and accessible through other media Theirs is the Glory is regaining its reputation following the release of Theirs is the Glory. Arnhem Hurst and Conflict on Film by Helion. Written by Arnhem expert David Truesdale who brings a wealth of military precision and Allan Esler Smith, Hurst’s nephew with access to the vast Hurst archive the book unfolds the film and Hurst’s motivation and ability to help the veterans set down their story (like no other war film then or since).

"Christmas, Sir, is a humbug. Good day."